flower paper

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You see, I looove to save flowers.

I press them into books.  Fill glass jars with them.

I collect seeds, petals…

Which, from time to time, leads to experiments…

Wax fun 1

I had this vague memory, of melting crayons and flower findings in kindergarten.

It was so vague.

Did it happen, maybe not 😉

But it lead me to a plan.

I wanted to make a page of memories, of this year’s flowers.

Last year I pressed a bunch of my flowers into books, and have done some of that this year too.  But, to create a page a year, of petals, how grand would that be?

I took a piece of scrapbook paper, and scribbled on it with wax crayons (not a necessary step), and I shaved (with a cheese tool) a bunch of  wax off of my ruined candle.

Then I put a towel on my metal counter.

On top of the towel, I placed a brown paper bag.

Then I put down my scrap book paper, sprinkled with fresh petals.

Then I placed hearty bits of shaved wax all over the petals and paper.

I placed a sheet of wax paper over this, and then covered the wax paper with a paper bag.

Phew 😉

Then I pressed down on the top layer of brown paper with my hot everyday iron.

Wax fun 3

(To clean your iron when you are done, keep ironing on brown paper bags, until there is no residue left from the wax.  Although, I might not iron my favorite frock with the same iron I craft with)

When I felt that I had ironed enough, as I could see lots of wax coming through my brown paper bag, I lifted the bag.

This piece still has the wax paper covering it, but you can see your paper below quite clearly.

Wax fun 4

I then took the piece, still covered with wax paper over to my a/c, and held it in front of the vents until it was thoroughly cooled.

Then I slowly peeled the wax paper away…

Wax fun 5

Slowly pulling it back, to reveal the entire piece…

Wax fun 6

I then cut my fave section out of the entire piece.

It is so much prettier in person than any photo can convey.

And, holding it up to the light is dreamy.

Wax fun 7

Mister Lovee wanted me to share his gushing about how much he adored this, like really really really.  But, I told him that made him sound biased and obnoxious.


The page is totally flat, with no lumps and bumps, and bonus, I can smell the beautiful scent of my lime candle.  Mmmmm.

The wax page looks really great behind glass, or framed…

Wax fun 8

I definitely want to make a couple of these to use in my garden journal.  I wish I had made one every year, for the last 17 years.  From city garden to country garden.

Alas, one must begin somewhere.

I will date it, and sew a tiny gold thread through the edges.

So, there you have it, who knew your old heat ruined candles could be saved?

For now, I am hanging my flower wax page on the inside of my cupboard because it smells sooo good!

Wax fun 9

I have so many fun things in the works.  And I am anxiously waiting for a shipment of delicious autumnal cards (chomping at the bit!) for the shop.

I have also devoured the fall 2011 issue of Victoria several times over.

It is 105’F today, but somewhere out there, a feather of fall tickles the soul, I’m sure.